Walnut Creek Creekers


Lightning Policy:
1. During inclement weather or at the first indication of thunder, two spotters should be designated by the head referee to sight for lightning.
2. If lighting is within 6 miles*, the meet will be delayed for 30 minutes. At each subsequent visual sighting of lightning the 30 minute delay will restart. The pool and the pool deck must be cleared immediately.
3. At any point during inclement weather, the president or the appointed team representative of each team may work to 1) select another date to resume or hold the meet, 2) decide to end the meet and let the points accumulated up to that time decide the outcome, or 3) wait for the 30 minutes to expire with acceptable weather conditions.
4. All swim meets must conclude by 10:30pm.
5. Technology is encouraged to be used to make the best decision for everyone’s safety.

* - For each 5 seconds that passes between lighting to thunder is equal to 1 mile. 30 seconds is equivalent to 6 miles.