Coves Crocodiles

Lightning Policy:
When lightning is determined to be closer than 6 miles away, the meet will be suspended and the deck cleared. If shelter is necessary, people should return to their vehicles. Using, touching or holding electronic devices when lightning is near is discouraged.

Sound travels 1 mile in 5 seconds. Therefore an interval between lightning flash and hearing its thunder of less than 30 seconds will trigger suspension of the meet. Note that distant lightning, particularly to the east, with no discernable thunderclap does not pose a threat.

Weather radar will be consulted to determine whether to wait the storm out or postpone the meet to another day.

The meet may be resumed after a 20-minute quiet period of no nearby lightning and significant thunder activity. Thus each lightning/thunder event restarts the 20-minute countdown.

If the meet is not resumed within one hour (pushing the estimated completion of the meet past 11:00pm), it will be postponed. Alternately, for the sake of our neighbors, if the meet is resumed, swims will stop at 11:00pm and remaining swims will be handled as a postponement.

If the meet is postponed, the teams' boards will negotiate a make-up date and time. The meet may possibly resume the following day during the Coves practice time from 7:30am to 11:00am. It is the responsibility of each team's board to convey the make-up information to its swimmers and their parents. If a suitable make-up time cannot be agreed upon, the meet will be cancelled.